Welcome to Geotag Alpha’s early stage testing (alpha)! Please report any issues or successful camera models on Discord or email (chendo[at]sproutcube[dot]com).

Geotag Alpha implements reliable and energy-efficient geotagging functionality on supported Sony cameras, including supporting reconnecting in the background.

Get started by Preparing your camera.

Having issues? Troubleshooting. Check out the Changelog.

Supported cameras

These cameras are known to work and are considered supported, however there are some known issues if you turn Use Fast Reconnect off.

  • Sony a7 IV (v2.0+)
  • Sony a7 III (v3.01+)
  • Sony a7r V
  • Sony a7r IV
  • Sony a7r III (v2.0+)
  • Sony a7c

See Compatible cameras for more details.

Known issues

  • Fixed in build 23: Camera may not be able reconnect if device goes out of range, or there is heavy Bluetooth interference