v0.3 (29)

  • Improve handling of cameras with Control while Power OFF
    • Correctly handle RX0M2 cameras
    • Automatically enable and disable Use Fast Reconnect accordingly
  • Improve background location pushes while device is not moving

v0.3 (25)

  • Workaround iOS not delivering Bluetooth packets after running in the background on battery for a long time
  • Fix location not being pushed after app first launched after upgrading when a camera is already connected

v0.3 (23)

  • Improved reliability of reconnecting after an error state (connection timeout, etc)
  • Try to improve reliability with on Sony a1
  • Moved Settings and Help buttons to toolbar
  • Merged accuracy and speed cells

v0.3 (20)

  • Added ability to enable/disable entire app and individual cameras
  • Improve energy efficiency when all enabled cameras have Use Fast Reconnect enabled
  • Automatically disable Use Fast Reconnect if a camera with Control when Powered OFF is detected

v0.3 (18/19)

  • Fixed occasional crash on remaining photo count change
  • Improve reliability after reconnecting in background
    • Fixed a race condition where locations don’t get pushed after reconnecting in background under certain conditions
    • Attempt to work around Bluetooth stack oddities
  • Improve discovery reliability
  • Add option to disable Fast Reconnections within Camera detail view, for devices where “Control when Powered OFF” needs to be enabled

v0.3 (16)

  • Track reconnections and time connected in background
  • Improved UI


  • Added map view
  • Added adjustable settings for distance between updates and update interval
  • Added experimental location accuracy feature (mostly for testing)


  • Initial release