Compatible cameras

Geotag Alpha aims to support all Sony cameras that support “Location Information Linkage” over Bluetooth. Please check Sony’s support page to see if your camera supports this feature.

Please report your device’s compatibility from the “Send feedback” feature in the app!

Supported cameras

These cameras have been tested to work with Geotag Alpha and are expected to work, however there are some known issues if you have “Control while Powered OFF” enabled on the camera.

  • Sony a1
  • Sony a7 IV (v2.0+)
  • Sony a7 III (v3.01+)
  • Sony a7r V
  • Sony a7r IV
  • Sony a7r III (v2.0+)
  • Sony a7c
  • Sony RX0 ii (v2.0+)

    Creators’ app cameras

Cameras supported by Sony Creators’ App should also work, but are currently unverified:

  • Sony ZV-E1
  • Sony ZV-1F
  • Sony ZV-1M2
  • Sony FX3 (v3.0+)
  • Sony FX30 (v2.0+)

Imaging Edge Mobile cameras

Cameras supported by Imaging Edge Mobile should also work, but are currently unverified (unless known to be supported) and lack some features:

  • Sony a9 (I, II)
  • Sony a7s III
  • Sony a6 (6600, 6500, 6400, 6100)
  • Sony RX series (RX100M7, RX100M6, RX10M4, RX0M2)
  • Sony WX series (WX800, WX700)
  • Sony HX series (HX99, HX95)
  • Sony ZV series (E10, 1)

See Imaging Edge Mobile’s List of supported cameras for more details.