Geotag Alpha

Geotag Alpha makes geotagging for Sony cameras better. Designed to work in the background, handle reconnections, and energy efficient.

Locate your photos

Geotag Alpha uses the Bluetooth connection on your Sony camera to push location information to be recorded in your photos' EXIF data. Don't spend time messing with GPX tracks.

Background geotagging

Geotag Alpha works while in the background, and even handles reconnecting to paired cameras while backgrounded. Something that Sony's own apps doesn't do.

Visualise your location

Geotag Alpha provides a map view to show you where your photos will be marked.

Energy Efficient

Minimises battery drain by only sending locations to the camera when it changes, and only enables location services when connected. Customisable interval and distance between updates.

Update location on focus

Geotag Alpha pushes the latest location to the camera on focus, for more accurate location data on photos. Works on current generation Sony alpha cameras with Bluetooth Remote Control enabled.

Multiple camera support

Coming soon: Geotag Alpha will support geotagging multiple Sony cameras simultaneously.